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Cole-Parmer Canada Inc.


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Products and Services

Abrasion Resistant Pipes Abrasion Resistant Pumps Acid & Alkali Resistant Fittings Acid & Alkali Resistant Pipes Acid & Alkali Resistant Pumps Acid Resistant Valves Air Flow Meters Air Operated Pumps Air Quality Monitoring Instruments Air Samplers Aluminum Pipes Analysis Equipment Asbestos Pipes Ash Content Meters Assay Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Ball Valves Barrier Cream Belt Solids Samplers Belts Bi-metallic White Iron Pipes Boiler Feed Pumps Boiler Meters Boots Brass Aluminum & Bronze Fittings Brass Pipes Breathing Apparatus Cap Lamps & Chargers CastIron Pipes Centrifugal Pumps Ceramic Pipes Chute Solids Samplers Clothing Copper Pipes Corrugated Pipes Diaphragm Pumps Diaphragm Valves Dredging Pipes Drilling Pipes Ductile Iron Pipes Ear Plugs & Muffs Electric Meters Electric Pumps Emergency Showers Environmental Exploration Environmental Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Environmental Monitoring Exploration Field Recorders & Instruments Exposure Badges Eye Wash Stations Fabricated Pipes Face Shields Fibreglass Pipes Field Recorders & Instruments Filter Press Feed Pumps Filters Filtration Equipment First Aid Supplies Flexible Pipes Flow Indicators Galvanized Pipes Gas & Oil Meters Gas Testing Equipment Geological Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Glasses & Goggles Gloves Gravity Meters Groundwater Monitoring Instruments Groundwater Samplers Hard Hats Hardened Steel Pipes Heat Traced Pipes Helmets High Potential Testing Equipment Hose Connectors Hose Fittings Infrared Testing Equipment Instrumentation Process Control Systems Insulated Pipes Laboratory Filters Laboratory Microscopes Laboratory Mixers Lined Pipes Liquid Flow Meters Liquid Level Indicators Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Metallurgical Slurry Samplers Metallurgical Testing Equipment Metering & Proportioning Pumps Mild Steel Pipes Mixers NiHard Pipes Oil Accessories Ore Samplers pH Meters Physical Testing Equipment Pinch Valves Pipe Fittings Pipes Plastic Bonded to Metal Pipes Plastic Fittings Plastic Hoses Plastic Pipes Plastic Tanks Plastic Valves Pneumatic Capsule Pipes Pneumatic Valves Polyethylene Tanks Potable Water Pipes Pressure Indicators Pressure Meters Process Control Instruments Process Slurry Samplers Pulp Samplers Pumps Recorders Reducer Drives Rental Pipes Rotary Pumps Rubber Pipes Scales and Weighing Systems Scientific Instruments Scientific Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Slurry Pumps Soil Samplers Solenoid Valves Sound Meters Spray Nozzles Stainless Steel Pipes Steam & Water Mixing Valves Storage Facilities Submersible Pumps Temperature Indicators Thermocouples Meters Thermostatic Valves Torque Testing Equipment Transformers Tubing Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Urethane Pipes Vacuum Pumps Valves Variable Speed Drives Vibration and Fatigue Analysis Vibration Meters Washers Water & Effluent Samplers Water & Waste Water Analysis Water Discharge Pipes Water Management Water Tanks Wire Rope Testing Equipment Wood Stave Pipes X-Ray Testing Equipment