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Landry Filtration Products Inc

FC Mill Liners, Inc

Fundidora de Cananea, S.A. de C.V.

Welmek Metallurgies Inc.

High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

Tega Industries Canada Inc.

Trimay Wear Plate Ltd.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Progressive Rubber Industries Inc.

Rematech Industries

Sussex Machine Shop Ltd

Normac Adhesive Products Inc.


Domite Wear Technology Inc.

Eutectic Canada Inc – Quebec Office

Thompson Foundry Ltd.

Titus Steel

EGI Euro Gear Industries

SMS Equipment Inc.

UMECC (Canada) Inc.

Syntron Material Handling

Robco Inc.

Rocvent Inc.


Bradken Ltd.

Kalenborn Abresist Corp

TS Manufacturing

Icon Mining Solutions Inc.

Southbay Design

Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.

Singhal Industries Private Limited

Kubes Alloy Products Inc.

Torrox International Ltd.

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Big Rock Consulting Inc

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