Create a Listing

Ready to start building your listing? Here’s our quick start guide with some tips and tricks to help you optimize your listing so potential customers can find you faster.

Creating a New Listing


To begin creating your new listing, head to the My Listings page and click on Create a New Listing at the bottom of the page.


From here, you’ll be asked to select a Listing Type. Our most basic listing is free, but our paid listings have higher visibility and appear at the top of search results. Review the features and select the tier that’s right for you.


Enter your company details, being sure to fill out all required fields. Higher tier listings have the ability to select more categories and input more products & services.


Next you’ll add offices and contacts. If this office is your main listing, select main listing.

You can also select whether or not your listing has multiple branches, if your listing type allows. 


Paid listings have additional features that can be added to help your listing stand out, such as your company logo, or even a cover image and custom colours for Premium listings. Be sure to read the descriptions for recommended image sizes.


And that’s it! Once you’ve completed the payment process (for paid listings, of course), you’ll be able to see your new listing on the My Listings page and check its status. Once our team has reviewed and approved your listing, it will be live on the website.

Claiming a Listing

Some companies are already listed on Buyer’s Guide, but they don’t have an owner. If your company is listed, you can claim your listing by following these simple steps.

Start by clicking on the banner at the top of the unclaimed listing, as shown in the example. You’ll need to be logged in to claim a listing, so make sure you’ve already created your account. 

Fill out the Claim Listing form and one of our representatives will reply to you within approximately 5 business days. If your claim is approved, you’ll receive an email notifying you and it will appear one your My Listings page where you’ll be free to edit and update any information.

If your company has a listing that has already been claimed, please contact our customer service team so we can verify proper ownership of the listing.

Upgrade to Premium

Our Free and Featured Listings are great SEO and lead generation tools, but you can take your listing to the next level with a Premium Listing. Get access to a customizable layout, cover image, homepage and search priority, and more when you upgrade to a Premium Listing today.