All Transportation & Stacking (EQ)

Honeywell Safety Products

Nelmaco Eastern Ltd.


Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Abacus Hydraulics Ltd.

Resource Equipment

Normac Adhesive Products Inc.

Hepburn Engineering Inc.

Vicone H.P. Rubber

FKC-Lake Shore

Geneq Inc.

Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd.

Bender Canada Inc.

Robco Inc.

Northern Cast Parts Company Inc.

JF Comer Inc.

Canadian Safety Equipment Inc.

S. Huot Inc.

Screen Systems Inc.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Siemens Canada Limited


Rematech Industries

Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Progressive Rubber Industries Inc.

Wesco Industries


B.I.D. Bulk Matl’s Handling

Herold Supply

Superior Industries Inc

Northern Steel Ltd.

Syntron Material Handling

Schwing Bioset, Inc.

Rotator Products Ltd.

Services Solu-Tex Inc. (SSI)

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