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Sprung Structures – Houston Office

Sprung Structures – US HQ

Sprung Structures – Atlanta Office

Sprung Structures – Canada HQ & International Office

Sprung Structures – Toronto Office

Sprung Structures – Allentown Office

Sprung Structures – Los Angeles Office

Sprung Structures – San Francisco Office

GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance

Nuna Group of Companies

PR Engineering Ltd.

Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd

TIME Limited

Prairie Machine & Parts

Gisborne Group

Edmonton Exchanger

Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing

ASI Group Ltd.

Analytic Systems

Tower Arctic Ltd.

QCA Systems

Hyson Industrial

Bender Canada Inc.



Dumas Contracting Ltd.

The Redpath Group

Moly-Cop Canada

SAMSSA – Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Service Association

Norda Stelo

Alex MacIntyre & Associates Ltd.

Global Physical Assest Management

Pybar Mining Services Pty. Ltd.

HEMA Engineering & Construction

Rematech Industries

Cypher Environmental

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