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Normac Adhesive Products Inc.

Fabricated Plastics Limited

Canadian Stebbins Engineering and Manufacturing Company

Kalenborn Abresist Corp

Russel Metals Inc

Services Solu-Tex Inc. (SSI)

Northern Cast Parts Company Inc.

Domite Wear Technology Inc.

Tega Industries Canada Inc.

Welmek Metallurgies Inc.

Lakehead Ironworks

Multicrete Systems Inc.

Cameron Steel

Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Robco Inc.

Layfield Geosynthetics

UMECC (Canada) Inc.

Lawjack Wear Products Inc.

Marcel Baril Ltée

Geoform Canada Ltd

SAS Global Corp.

Denso North America Inc.

G Plus Industrial Plastics

Eutectic Canada Inc

Kubes Alloy Products Inc.

ME Elecmetal

Progressive Rubber Industries Inc.

Titus Steel

KN Equipment Inc.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

ABS Manufacturing and Distributing

Wellington Plastics Inc.

Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.

ACR Group Inc.

Northern Steel Ltd.

TS Manufacturing

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