All Mineral Processing (SC) in Canada

SNF Canada

CCC Chemicals

Separator Engineering Ltd.

Prosales Canada

Robco Inc.

International Suppliers and Contractors Inc.

High Strength Plates & Profiles Inc.

Tega Industries Canada Inc.

Kubes Alloy Products Inc.

Outotec (Canada) Ltd.

Global Resources

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.

Best H2O Inc.

Prospec Chemicals

Quadra Chemicals Ltd.

Bradken Ltd.

Mecanicad Inc.

Screen Systems Inc.

Progressive Rubber Industries Inc.

Laurel-LEC Steel

Westpro Machinery Inc.

Laval Lab Inc.


Alpha Chemical Ltd.

CJT Surplus Equipment

Schauenburg Industries Ltd.

Citic Heavy Industries

Mill-Ore Industries

Elrus Aggregate Systems

Landry Filtration Products Inc


Renold Canada Ltd.

BASF Corp.

Abacus Hydraulics Ltd.

Monmet Ltd

Stebbins Engineering and Manufacturing Company

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