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Perfect Labour Hire

Geophysics GPR International Inc


Normac Adhesive Products Inc.

Siemens Canada Limited

Catalytic Exhaust

Simar-Dacon Inc.


CD Nova Ltd.

SKF Canada Limited

Honeywell Analytics

Cole-Parmer Canada Inc.

Solinst Canada Limited

ACR Group Inc.

Conveyor Splicing Specialities Inc.

Infosat Communications LP

Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

The Northern Miner

Interface Technologies

Belt Tech

Rematech Industries

International Suppliers and Contractors Inc.

BHD Instrumentation Ltd.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

BMT Insurance Brokers – Mining Division

Rotator Products Ltd.

Gets Equipment Ltd.


Marketing Strategies & Solutions

Canada Rubber Group Inc.

RST Instruments Ltd.

Gisborne Group


Mercator Geological Services

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