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Atelier Val-d’Or Inc.

Cole-Parmer Canada Inc.

Major Drilling Group International Inc.

Consolidated Giroux Environment Inc.

Minnow Environmental Inc.

Flint Industries


ASI Group Ltd.

Pinchin Ltd.

Accutron Instruments Inc

SGS Canada

ALS Metallurgy Kamloops

Mitto Consultancy

Restoration Science & Engineering

Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.

Geotech Ltd.

Cowan International

Scintrex Limited

BZ Environmental Consulting

AguaEx Geociencias SpA


Ledcor Group of Companies

ENV Treatment Systems Inc


RST Instruments Ltd.


Maxxam Analytics

BBE Consulting Australasia

EON Geosciences Inc.

Andritz Automation Ltd.

Canuck Drilling Systems Ltd.


Quantec Geoscience Ltd.

Watts, Griffis

Western Protection Alliance Inc.

CD Nova Ltd.

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