Product & Services: Drilling Pipes

Clark Services & Insulation Ltd.

KWH Pipe (Canada) Ltd.

Russel Metals Inc

SAS Global Corp.

Mecanicad Inc.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc.

KN Equipment Inc.

Services Solu-Tex Inc. (SSI)

Georg Fischer Urecon Ltd.

Crane Supply

Mill-Ore Industries

Varsteel Ltd.

Skeans Pneumatic & Automation Solutions

Medallion Pipe Supply (MPS)

Niagara Steel

Marcel Baril Ltée

Dominion Pipe and Piling

Fabricated Plastics Limited

Atlantic Industries Ltd.

ACR Group Inc.

UMECC (Canada) Inc.

BHD Tubular

Pneutrans Systems Ltd.

G Plus Industrial Plastics

Anderson Pump House Ltd

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

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